What is an Online Concierge?

An online concierge is a service that offers to set up things for customers. For instance, a concierge service might offer to call for limo rides, concert tickets, dinner reservations, spa bookings, or tour arrangements. A concierge basically does the logistics work for someone else. This frees up time for other people who are handling business, vacationing, or those who just don’t want to mess with the details. Businesses have their own type of online concierge service that helps them find travel deals, send messages to customers, and personalize business information as needed. They also help companies that have been hit by natural disasters. This type of service is part of a growing movement of cloud services and information accessibility that has been spurred by the use of cloud technologies.
One type of concierge service like the ones at MGM Grand Hotel offer assistance to hotel guests that let them order services online. Access to shows, dinners, spa treatments, tours, attractions, and concerts can easily be booked by MGM’s concierge service for guests. Guests are able to ask questions, find out general information about events, or set up services quickly and easily. Photography services, babysitting services, and floral purchases are all a part of the concierge service online at MGM Grand Hotel. The concierge is able to set up tee times, book package vacations, book tours, and much more.
My Assist is an online business concierge that helps companies reach out to employees, employee families, customers and clients. Many companies use these services to answer after hours and overflow phone calls. They also use these services to get out mass information to employees in the event of a company shut down for weather or other reasons. My Assist helps people with global solutions not just solutions for a particular city or business. The ability to connect with customers globally makes online concierge companies a field that is in demand. Imagine being in Tokyo, sharing notes with workers in London, while online services are setting up arrangements for new hires in the United States. Services like this allow people to connect no matter where they are located in the world. Access to other employees, potential employees or clients, and information sharing is the new wave of the future.
Online concierge service companies are expected to grow over the next few years. According to the Huffington Post, there are people who will have more money to dispose of on things like concierge services because of the recent economic upturn. This means that there will be more opportunities in the online concierge industry over the next several years. People who have learned how to excel in this area will find that they have more options and people to work for in the coming years.
A concierge service can take on many forms just like physical businesses can go in different directions. The field is in its’ earliest stages and is expected to see a large period of growth over the next several years. Online services are expanding because of the wide use of cloud technologies that are being adopted around the world. Concierge services started in the hotel industry and have expanded online to include any type of business. Personal assistants are no longer needed in person; they can be brought to attention online and in the virtual world to help us access information.

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