Tips For Using A Pinterest Account For Your Business

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network that allows people to “pin” products, services, and pretty much anything else they can think of to “boards” that they can create and share with friends, family, and everyone else on the web. Pinterest is easy to use, and is a beautifully visual way to discover products and ideas that someone would not normally find. One of the many things that make Pinterest unique and successful is the ability to create boards that refect the user’s personality. These boards can be viewed quickly by thousands of followers, and repinned into new boards of other similar items.

You can find just about anything on Pinterest: clothing, jewelry, handcrafted items, gadgets, a new hairstyle or make-up look, furnishings, art, design and books. People
use Pinterest not only to share their favorite products and ideas, but also to search for inspiration, and to find products and services that they may or may not have been specifically searching for.

So what does this mean for a business? Why would a business owner use Pinterest when they already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Well let’s say that business X sells art made from recycled products. Someone surfing Pinterest may find their product and “pin” it to their board titled: “Eco-Friendly Art.” A person following their board will see that pin on their home page, and then “repin” it to their board “Art and Inspiration,” where it will be seen by one of that persons followers, who then repins it to their board “Home décor inspiration.” Soon the product could potentially be seen by thousands of Pinterest followers in a single day. Although a business could certainly use a regular Pinterest account to drive traffic to their site and get the word out about their products, to really benefit from this powerful social networking tool, a business page is crucial.

In addition to using Pinterest to drive traffic to a business web page, having a Pinterest business account also allows users to purchase products by creating a virtual catalog. Listing products for sale on Pinterest results in that item being directly listed under the “gifts” heading of the Pinterest homepage. Using the Pinterest Web Analytics tool can give a business valuable data on what items are generating the most interest and sales.

In addition to offering products to sell and linking to their website, business owners who want to succeed with Pinterest should also be sure they are offering visitors to their site engaging content that keeps them interested and coming back for more. Creating complementary boards that relate to the products or services they are offering. Knowing what market is being targeted and offering content that is relevant to them adds value beyond just what is being sold and is necessary for succeeding on Pinterest.

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