The Best Frac Sand Equipment

FSEThe recent boom in the petroleum mining industry has been largely due to the rapid increase of hydraulic fracturing as a method of extraction. Oil and natural gas trapped in tight-shale environments once virtually inaccessible can now be profitably mined. AJ Weller has been at the forefront of this fracking explosion by providing top-of-the-line equipment that maximizes profitability.

Frac sand is used as a key component in the hydraulic fracturing process. This sand is of a uniform size, has a roundish shape, and is strong enough to resist crushing. Much of it is made of quartz. There is some variety in the material used, but it must be strong and relatively uniform to be most effective.

Washing, drying, and screening frac sand requires specialized frac sand equipment. Companies like AJ Weller are famous for producing high-grade, composite-material machinery that stands up to the task of processing frac sand. Not only does one need powerful, durable equipment to drill into solid rock and pump water, chemicals, and oil up or down long shafts, one also needs top-notch frac sand equipment to get the best possible frac sand ready for depositing into the fracture shaft.

A large initial investment is required to be successful at hydraulic fracturing. Anyone getting into that line of business must be sure that the equipment they purchase will give them top performance levels for many, many years to come. One simply cannot afford to keep on replacing faulty equipment before getting a full life out of it. Thus, finding the best place to purchase your tools from is among the most important factors determining the final profit margin of a fracking company.

Frac sand facilities require numerous pieces of robust equipment that can produce a high-quality end-product in a relatively short space of time. This equipment must function at top speeds day in and day out. It must be safe, durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Frac sand is able to stand up to pressures of multiple tons per square inch and is not easily be crushed. The equipment used to prepare it for service in the oil and gas fields needs to be just as tough.

Many in the fracking industry and frac sand industry have learned, over the years, that AJ Weller’s line of equipment saves them time, money, and hassle. In the long run, superior equipment is worth a little extra initial investment and paves the way to the success of a business.

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