Should we Manufacture Overseas?

When you’re planning to manufacture products, you must first determine whether you want to do it overseas or domestically. Each approach has its share of advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the United States, it’s a lot easier to move your manufacturing overseas due to the high staffing and costs that come with domestic production. The wage a group of people might accept varies widely depending on the changes in currency from one country to another. Some countries’ citizens have different standards of living and can survive on less money than you might expect. Companies take advantage of these cultural and currency differences to help them save money in the long run.

A company that decides to manufacture their products overseas will have to do a lot of work to improve the image of their product in their home country. People have the perception of products manufactured in other countries as being somehow of a lower quality. While this might have been true in a different era, it’s quickly becoming a thing of the past. Currently, the only difference between products manufactured overseas and products manufactured domestically is the location in which they were manufactured. Companies that come out with high quality products aren’t going to change their approach in a different location.

The manufacturing standards in one country are unique compared to the rest of the world. The government of the country in which a company decides to establish their business might not provide as much oversight as the government of the company’s home country. This discrepancy often results in labor violations and a perception that a company doesn’t care about their employees. The idea that companies run sweat shops in other parts of the world is the furthest thing from the truth. Every major company wants to look after their employees no matter where they’re located.

Customers of companies who manufacturer their products overseas might have to deal with longer shipping times and customer service difficulties. A company can remedy this problem by having their foreign distributor ship their products to a domestic location. That way the customer won’t have to wait for the product they ordered to arrive from some far off land. It will make it seem like the company makes their products in their country of origin. Customers don’t like to wait for their product to arrive. It’s the companies’ responsibility to make this particular type of wait time as short as possible.

When your company is deciding if some of production overseas make sure you look at all angles. For instance in the case of balloon manufacturing you would need to look at production and delivery time, quality control, and rules for producing the products in your home country. With any product you will want to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of possibly moving some or all of your manufacturing overseas.

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