Overlooked Way of Increasing Sales

cff5There is no shortage of information out there to increase sales. You may have been reading books, articles, blogs, and researching the web on ways to make your sales grow, but you still find yourself stuck on a sales plateau. The bottom line is no matter how much someone wants or needs your products or services if the finances aren’t available, your customers will walk away. Sales will increase when your customers have more money to spend on the products and services you are offering. Of course you can’t force your customers to earn more money or budget the money they have better, but there are four ways you can help them out. There are four ways to make it easier for customers to purchase what you are selling and once that happens you will start seeing sales increase.

No Credit Needed
Credit challenges can cause a person to walk away from a sale. The challenge can come from a bad credit history or not having a credit history. Financing a purchase without credit can be just what a customer needs to say yes to a sale. The purchase is paid within a set amount of time with no interest. No credit needed purchases increases sales.

High Approval Financing
When someone is willing to finance a purchase but cannot get approved it will mean lost sales. When 4 out of 5 applications are approved that means 4 out of 5 customers will sign on the dotted line to make that purchase. High approval financing increases sales.

In-Home Layaway
Traditional layaway means the merchandise will be stored at the retailer until it is paid for, which can increase costs for the retailer. When a customer is able to take their couch or other merchandise home while paying for it will motivate the customer to agree to a sale to be able to enjoy ownership immediately. In-home layaway increases sales.

$40 Down Payment
Offering to finance with a small down payment on a purchase is all some customers need to agree to buying a much needed item. Most potential customers will have $40 available to get the financing started so they can go home with their purchase.

Once you have a great product, skilled sales team, and an effective advertising campaign you will still need to have customers that have the finances available. Companies like Crest Financial can simplifying applying and financing what you sell. In addition, it will help your customers build credit. It is time to get sales climbing again by giving customers more options when buying new merchandise.

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