No Credit Leasing Company Builds Credit

cf4Many people have been through tough times and been left without the best credit score. Poor credit can stop a person, family or business from being able to purchase all of the things that are needed in their home. A new bed, couch or other piece of furniture may be what you need, but who has the total dollar amount sitting in their bank account waiting to be spent? That is where a no credit leasing company like Crest Financial comes in. This is an organization that offers financing options that require no credit score at all. That means that all people can start to dream of owning a new piece of furniture in the very near future.

On Time Payments
This great company allows individuals to start to rebuild their credit through a series of on time payments. This allows Crest to give merchants a positive rating on credit challenged customers and turns these people into consumers rather than just dreamers. Again there is no credit needed because the new payments to the financing company allow them to get the items they need for their home with leases that are paid-in-full. The company provides hope for all people, even if they have low credit or no credit at all. A person who knows they have bad credit is just not going to apply for a program based on zero percent interest with a 12-24 month payoff. This program is designed specifically for these individuals to provide them with confidence in buying what they need for their home. It is all based on making payments on time.

Other Benefits of No Credit Leasing
Crest provides their customers with many added benefits as well. They provide reports of customers’ payments to credit bureaus. That allows a person experiencing a credit crisis to slowly and honestly build up their credit score while paying for things that they need or want. Building good credit is a vital part of anyone’s long term financial health and this program is a simple way to accomplish better credit. This is good for merchants because they are guaranteed to get motivated customers who will pay on time and buy higher ticket items.

Home Lay Away
Traditional lay away has been deemed obsolete by the great programs for leasing provided by Crest Financial. They offer a $40 down and take it home today plan that is similar to traditional lay away programs but there are benefits. A customer is still under a time restriction to make payments before they own the product. However they are able to enjoy the use of the product while the payments are still being made. This makes a lot more sense than having the item sitting in a warehouse somewhere. This makes sense for merchants as they don’t have to be responsible for storing items over that time. This of course saves the bottom line.

Finding a no credit leasing company like Crest is the key for many people with bad or no credit to start to get their financial reputation back in shape. This is a great company that allows people who lease furniture to become owners of those products with a restored credit history as well.

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