Creating a Catchy Advertisement

Marketing is such an essential part of having a successful business. True, having a great product/service and fantastic customer service are also important things, but marketing is the first step to reaching consumers, and often the first experience anyone will have with your business. While emotional and heartwarming ads can be very effective, applying them to certain products can sometimes be difficult. Catchy advertisements are a great way to go to ensure that people will remember your ad long after they see or hear it. Just about everyone (including yourself, I’m sure) can think of an ad that you love, have had stuck in your head, or could identify from just hearing the melody of the jingle. Some ads even become cultural references- I went to a play last weekend, and they referenced Verizon Wireless‘ “can you hear me now” catchphrase, to the obvious delight of the crowd. There are a lot of options for creating an advertisement that consumers will remember.

Having a specific jingle for your business if probably one of the oldest, most basic ways to create catchy advertisements. Associating your product/service with a short musical phrase helps consumers recognize your product, connect your ads together, and remember the ad long after they’ve heard it, since jingles have a tendency to get stuck in your head. Making sure consumers are familiar with your jingle and brand is a great step in helping them become familiar with your business. They just might remember your jingle at the very time they need a new (insert whatever it is you provide here).

Catchphrases are also a great way to create catchy, memorable, and recognizable advertisements. And the great thing about catchphrases is that they can be included in both audio and printed ads, unlike jingles which can only be included on television or the radio since they’re mainly auditory. Including a catchphrase on your printed ads (for an extensive list of print options, see EBA printing Milwaukee) is a great way to create catchy advertisements.

Of course there are many other options and tips for creating catchy advertisements, but these tips will at least get you started and pointed in the right direction. And really, going along with what I stated earlier, just as some products might not be appropriate for emotional and heartwarming ads, some products and services may not translate very well with catchy jingles or catchphrases. A huge part of marketing is figuring out how to present your product or service.  Some businesses, by the very nature of what they are, need to be presented in a more serious tone. So while jingles and catchphrases might work for fast food, phone companies, insurance companies, and other various businesses, they might not work so well for mortuaries or other similar businesses. So, take all of this information with a grain of salt and good luck creating your catchy advertisement (unless you’re a mortician.)

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