Configuring Small Business Security Systems

securityAs a small business owner, you may think that a security system is not necessary for your operation. Think again. No matter what size business you own, you have important and critical elements that require protection, such as files, computers, inventory and overall company assets. A usiness security system does not have to be expensive as they come in many different sizes and configurations. Security systems don’t simply protect against thieves. They can also safeguard against fire, vandalism and other threats that can make your business vulnerable.

Choosing security system components depends on what you want to protect. Many different options are available for customized systems, meaning you will be able to protect your company and its assets without breaking the bank. Here are four different types of security system components that can be typically included in a set up.

Video Surveillance

Consider video surveillance cameras if you want to monitor what is happening at your business around the clock. If you desire, we can integrate video surveillance with web or mobile devices so you can see what is occurring when you are not on the premises. Video surveillance allows you to watch customers or employees. It also provides video proof if you have to file insurance claims for a loss.

Intrusion Detection Alarms

Alarm systems are one of the most basic types of protection for small businesses. Often the first line of defense, these security devices have a two-fold purpose: they discourage burglars while also discouraging employee theft. At the same time, they ensure safety of employees and everything on your premises. Intrusion detection systems usually include several different components to detect entry, including motion detectors and glass-breaking sensors. This protection, available 24 hours per day, is monitored by your local law enforcement agency, which receives notification when unauthorized access occurs. When such an event happens, you receive a call seconds later to confirm whether police should be dispatched.

Computer Security Systems

This type of security protects business documents, files, sensitive customer information, software and other critical information on your computer that helps your business run smoothly. These days, hackers target all types of business, so it’s essential to protect yourself from them as well as viruses, spyware and other online threats. Security breaches can add up to thousands of dollars in losses in productivity as a potentially massive number of customers if information is compromised.

Electronic Access

Electronic control systems let authorized individuals enter and exit various sections of your business to keep sensitive or proprietary information out of the wrong hands. These systems are controlled by keypads or access cards. These systems also safeguard against terminated employees.

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