5 Reasons You Can’t Market Your Business All By Yourself

5 Reasons You Can't Market Your Business All By YourselfToday’s small-business world continues to expand as individuals explore new opportunities online. While it can be tempting to control the reins on every horse leading the charge, this can actually backfire and damage your efforts.

It’s Hard to be Objective

The entrepreneur whose attention is laser-focused on creative aspects of the business at hand – be it crafting blueprints for a new tech gadget or a rustic-recipe family cookbook – is too busy to be able to see flaws in a marketing plan that outsiders can see clearly. Even former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, as detailed in the book Insanely Simple by Ken Segall, faced difficulty with marketing thanks to being too close to his product.

Marketing is a Skilled Creative Profession, Too

Every business is creative in its own way. Part of creativity is dedicated focus, the very thing so difficult to maintain when running both production and marketing. Working with gifted teams like OrangeSoda Pay Per Click Agency allows you more attention on your own role while enabling a mutual collaboration to raise the quality of your business.


Overworked entrepreneurs may reach for quick-fix solutions, but organic marketing is the best fit for any business. The most effective example of organic marketing, word-of-mouth, works so well because of the nature of tailored marketing. Marketing professionals must shape their approaches to the unique needs of your company. Without understanding those needs, you may seek answers that don’t work.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

It’s easy to feel competent in tackling marketing after a few nights of reading articles online. But it’s also easy for the stressed business owner to settle for decisions that a professional would advise against. Even worse, you could be damaging your brand identity through confusion or poor execution – leaving you to mitigate damage while struggling to maintain momentum.

Too Many Hats, Too Little Savings

In the end, marketing your business alone can be more costly than hiring a capable professional. Given time lost on dead-end advertising avenues, opportunity costs, and potential mixed messaging, it just makes sense to engage those who can help you when you can’t help yourself.


Success in business comes down to the right people for the right job. If you’re not that person, find those who can steer you toward your goal and deliver the kind of value you gain by working with seasoned professionals.

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