5 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid

You need to take each job interview that you get seriously. It could be the first step toward a lucrative job with a good company. If you want to ace your interview, what are some things that you want to avoid? Here are five mistakes that you never want to make at a job interview.

1) Don’t Show Up Late

Showing up on time for an interview should be a basic concept that everyone understands. If you tend to be late for meetings and other important events, leave the house a few minutes earlier. Aim to arrive at least five minutes before you are scheduled to be interviewed.

2) Never Offend The Interviewer

This is not the time for a stupid joke or a comment about that attractive woman at the front desk. Your idea of humor could come off as offensive or racist, and you never know if that woman at the front desk is the interviewer’s daughter, sister or wife.

3) Badmouthing Former Bosses Or Colleagues Is Never In Good Taste

You may be asked to tell stories about your time at previous jobs. Always keep the stories positive and focus on how those experiences helped develop you as a professional. Never say anything bad about a former colleague or boss as it will only make you look bad.

4) Dressing Sloppily Is An Interview Killer

Dressing like a bum when going to a job interview is an easy way to ensure that you don’t get the job. The rule of thumb has always been to dress a stage higher then you feel the interviewer will, but these days there is a lot of emphasis placed on messing a work. It is always a good idea to see what the company culture is a try to match that. Sometimes seeming like you are an obvious fit can help win you the job.  www.reemclothing.com is a great source to find clothes that will impress any interviewer.

5) Lying About Your Past Accomplishments Is Unethical

It may be tempting to take credit for something at your last job that your colleague actually achieved. However, claiming to win an award or work on a project that you never worked on is unethical and unprofessional. Many employers will do a background check after the interview. There is a good chance that you will be caught in your lie.

You don’t control who gets the job that you interviewed for. However, you can control how you present yourself during an interview. Therefore, make sure that you show up on time, dress well and never lie. Those who are confident in their skills never feel the need to lie to make themselves sound more impressive.

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